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    Precision Molded rubber products

    More than 7000 items of Precision Molded
    rubber products with maximum size up to

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  • Big-size Molded rubber  products

    Big-size Molded rubber products

    We produce Big-size Molded rubber products
    with maximum size up to 2000х1000х1000mm.

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  • Precision Molded rubber products

    Extruded Reinforced rubber profiles

    Extrusion line produces rubber pipes with
    outside D 6-80mm, ensures a pressure up to
    20bar. Profiles are round and complex section.

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In 2016 we start production of Custom Molded Polyurethane Parts (PU):

Polyurethane Molded products - with maximum size up to 2000х1000х50mm.


• Hardness: from 20A to 75D (durometer)
• Colors:       any color
• Castings:   open casting and centrifugal casting capabilities


In 2015 commissioned Big-size Rubber press

Producer - Wuxi Jinhe Science & Technology Co., (China)

Technical specification:

   -   now  we  produce   Big-size  Molded  rubber   products   with  maximum  size  up  to

   -   compressive force is  600t;

   -   modeling pressure is  320bar.

The first batch of products - forklift tyres DELASSO Model R101 was made on May,
27th 2015
(size 5.00-8 / 3.00).

Special hardwearing caoutchouc composition makes better damping capacity
and lifetime of forklift tyres DELASSO.

Model R102 (size 4.00-8 / 3.00) is also available now.


In 2013 commissioned Extrusion line

Producer - Zhejiang Baina Rubber Equipment CO.,LTD (China)

Technical specification:

   -   extrusion   line    produces   rubber   pipes,   reinforced   rubber   pipes   for   cooling
        systems and seals with outside  D 6-80mm;

   -   extruded pipes ensures a pressure up to  20bar;

   -   extrusion    line    produces    two    types    of    reinforcement:   "Braid"   and   "tying";

   -   extruded profiles are round and complex section;

   -   extrusion    line    is equipped    with  automatic   measuring  the    inner    and   outer
        diameter  of  the profile,  which   allows  to control  the  size  and geometry   directly
        at the manufacturing stage.


In 2012 commissioned Injection Molding Machine for Rubbers

Producer - SUNGJIN MACHINERY Co., Ltd. (Korea)

Technical specification:

   -   the volume of the dose is 1500 and 3000cc;

   -   compressive force is  300t;

   -    this  machine  used  for  production  of  Precision  Molded   rubber   products   with
        maximum size up to  1120х1000х50mm;

   -   adjusting   the   temperature   of  the   heat  medium  can   adjust   the   normal
        temperature  to 120°C, and  show  current  value  with  a   tolerance  of  ± 2° C.