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Speed bumps

Speed bumps models SP500, SP650 («sleeping policeman») - specially designed for using on the traffic way close to pedestrian crossings and in high-risk zones of road, which require the forced regime of speed reduction.
Color of a Speed bump - black and yellow- with reflective stripes 3MTM StamarkTM A 650 series (insertions).

We can offer you 2 Standard types of speed bumps:

SP500 - CIS standard;

SP650 - European standard.

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Model Main section element Side section element
SP500 500x500x50mm 250x500x50mm
SP650 500x650x52mm 300x650x52mm

While manufacturing “sleeping policeman” for our roads we need to consider multiple important factors connected with their exploitation. In the course of designing speed bumps we set a target to create product which included the qualities of foreign analogues.

Speed bumps are made of armored rubber which is resilient to chafing and exposure to chemical elements applied to the roads in winter time. There are raised elements on the outside surface of SP500 and SP650 to improve the hitch mechanism with car tyres. The scheme of the lower part provides sufficient water drain and has sink holes for ice.

In order to provide better visibility at night time a light reflecting material is applied onto the surface of a speed bump, which is oriented to the traffic movement side. Light reflecting elements are made of reflective stripes 3MTM StamarkTM A 650 series (insertions); they occupy not less than 30% of total product surface, which accords with the European safety norms.

A light reflecting cover has to be replaced in case of its damage or if the characteristics are lower than the norm. Assembling of speed reduction items SP500 and SP650 is easy to assemble and disassemble while conducting road works, and also in the process of replacing separate items and parts of the construction itself.

The Maximum speed limit, stated on the sign which placed on the road in front of a speed bump must be 30 km/h.

Today there are many asphalt “sleeping policemen” on the roads. They help regulate the speed regime on particular road parts and contribute to traffic and life safery.

The product must be installed on the pavement near the pedestrian crossings, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and places of high risk, that require speed limits.

Let’s make our life safe!