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    Big-size Molded rubber products

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    Extruded Reinforced rubber profiles

    Extrusion line produces rubber pipes with
    outside D 6-80mm, ensures a pressure up to
    20bar. Profiles are round and complex section.

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Rubber o-rings

Sealing rubber O-rings for hydraulic and pneumatic units (GOST 18829-73, GOST 9833-73) are manufactured for working in adjustable and fixed joints of hydraulic, fuel, oiling and pneumatic devices at temperatures - 60 / + 200o C depending on the rubber group:
- at pressure up to 50 MPa in fixed joints
- at pressure up to 32 MPa in adjustable joints
  in mineral oils, liquid fuel, dispersion solutions, oiling, freshwater and seawater;
- at pressure up to 40 MPa in fixed joints
- at pressure up to 10 MPa in adjustable joints - in compressed air.
- as a Standard product (please, see below table) and
- as a Customized product  (please,  send  your  request  with  Order
  details  (quantity, terms of delivery, special additional requirements –
  as a Color, Material and Drawing of your own part).

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Table info

Rubber / silicone O-rings
Ring_006-010-25 Ring_052-058-36 Ring_099-105-36 Ring_210-220-46
Ring_008-012-25 Ring_052-066,8-73 Ring_100-110-50 Ring_225-235-58
Ring_008-018-50 Ring_053-063-58 Ring_100-110-58 Ring_220-230-58
Ring_009-013-25 Ring_054-060-36 Ring_100х5,3 Ring_225-235-58
Ring_010-014-25 Ring_055-061-36 Ring_102-110-46 Ring_230-235-36
Ring_012-016-25 Ring_055-063-46 Ring_104-110-36 Ring_230-240-58
Ring_014-019-30 Ring_055-065-53 Ring_104-110-40 Ring_240-250-58
Ring_015-019-25 Ring_055-065-58 Ring_104,1х4,9 Ring_250-260-46
Ring_016-020-25 Ring_056-060-25 Ring_105-115-53 Ring_250-260-58
Ring_016-021-30 Ring_056-066-58 Ring_105-115-58 Ring_260-270-58
Ring_017-020-19 Ring_058-063-30 Ring_108-112-30 Ring_265-275-58
Ring_017-021-25 Ring_058-064-36 Ring_110-118-46 Ring_270-280-58
Ring_017-022-30 Ring_059-065-36 Ring_110-120-58 Ring_275-285-58
Ring_018-022-25 Ring_060-068-46 Ring_111-119-40 Ring_280-290-58
Ring_019-024-40 Ring_060-070-50 Ring_112-118-36 Ring_290-300-58
Ring_020-025-30 Ring_060-070-53 Ring_114-123-30  
Ring_022-027-30 Ring_060-070-58 Ring_115-120-30 Ring_21,4х5,0
Ring_022-028-36 Ring_062-070-40 Ring_115-125-58 Ring_24,5х6
Ring_024-028-25 Ring_062-070-46 Ring_116,8х70 Ring_29,2х3,3
Ring_024-029-30 Ring_063-073-58 Ring_118-128-50 Ring_29,4х5,1
Ring_024-030-36 Ring_064-070-36 Ring_120-125-30 Ring_37,4х5,0
Ring_024-032-40 Ring_065-070-25 Ring_120-126-36 Ring_39,1х5,2
Ring_025-030-30 Ring_065-070-30 Ring_120-130-58 Ring_43,8х4,9
Ring_025-031-30 Ring 065-071-36 Ring_125-130-30 Ring_44,9,х5,4
Ring_025-031-36 Ring_065-075-53 Ring_125-130-36 Ring_56,2х4,9
Ring_026-031-30 Ring_065-075-58 Ring_125-135-46 Ring_58,6х3,5
Ring_026-032-36 Ring_066-076-50 Ring_125-135-58 Ring_59,7х4,9
Ring_027-032-25 Ring_068-074-36 Ring_128х120х14 Ring_63,0х4,6
Ring_028-033-30 Ring_068-076-46 Ring_128х4,5 Ring_69,2х4,9
Ring_028-036-46 Ring_070-075-30 Ring_129,5х138х14 Ring_75,6х4,9
Ring_029-035-36 Ring_070-078-46 Ring_130-140-46 Ring_81х5,1
Ring_030-034-25 Ring_070-080-50 Ring_130-140-58 Ring_81,9х5,3
Ring_030-035-30 Ring_070-080-53 Ring_130-140-60 Ring_85,1х4,9
Ring_030-037-32 Ring_070-080-58 Ring_130-152-11 Ring_89,9х5,3
Ring_030-038-46 Ring_071-076-30 Ring_130,5х5,5 Ring_94,2х4,9
Ring_031-039-44 Ring_072-078-36 Ring_133-143-50  
Ring_032-038-36 Ring_072-080-46 Ring_135-140-36 Ring_Н-32-25-41
Ring_032-040-46 Ring_074-080-36 Ring_135-145-46 Ring_Н-35-38-41
Ring_034-040-36 Ring_075-080-30 Ring_135-145-58 Ring_Н-42-35-41
Ring_035-040-30 Ring_075-085-53 Ring_135,9х50 Ring_Н-52-45-41
Ring_035-043-46 Ring_075-085-58 Ring_140-150-58  
Ring_036-041-30 Ring_080-086-36 Ring_140-155-85 Ring_У-0-140-33
Ring_036-042-36 Ring_080-088-46 Ring_142х4 Ring_У-0-150-33
Ring_036-044-46 Ring_080-090-58 Ring_145-155-58 Ring_У-0-160-33
Ring_038-042-25 Ring_082-088-36 Ring_150-160-50 Ring_У-0-32-33
Ring_038-042-30 Ring_082-096-70 Ring_150-160-58 Ring_У-0-48-33
Ring_039-045-36 Ring_084-090-36 Ring_155-160-36 Ring_У-100-95-33
Ring_040-046-36 Ring_085-090-30 Ring_155-165-58 Ring_У-105-100-33
Ring_040-048-46 Ring_085-091-36 Ring_155-165-60 Ring_У-125-120-33
Ring_042-048-30 Ring_085-095-53 Ring_158х3,8 Ring_У-140-0-33
Ring_042-048-36 Ring_085-095-58 Ring_160-165-36 Ring _У-32-0-33
Ring_044-050-36 Ring_086-092-36 Ring_160-170-58 Ring_У-40-35
Ring_045-053-46 Ring_089-095-36 Ring_165-175-58 Ring_У-50-45-33
Ring_045-055-53 Ring_090-095-30 Ring_165-180-85 Ring_У-60-55-33
Ring_046-050-25 Ring_090-100-58 Ring_170-180-58 Ring_У-65-60-33
Ring_046-052-36 Ring_091-097-30 Ring_180-190-58 Ring_У-70-65-33
Ring_048-054-36 Ring_092-102-51 Ring_185-195-46 Ring_У-75-70-33
Ring_050-055-30  Ring_094-100-36 Ring_185-200-85 Ring_У-80-75-33
Ring_050-056-36  Ring_095-100-30 Ring_190-200-46 Ring_У-85-80-33
Ring_050-058-46 Ring_095-102-46 Ring_190-195-36 Ring_У-90-85-33
Ring_050-060-50 Ring_095-105-53 Ring_195-200-36  
Ring_050-060-58 Ring_095-105-58 Ring_200-205-36  
Ring_052-056-25 Ring_098-104-36 Ring_200-210-58 Customized product

You can order your own Rubber / silicone O-ring !