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    Precision Molded rubber products

    More than 7000 items of Precision Molded
    rubber products with maximum size up to

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  • Big-size Molded rubber  products

    Big-size Molded rubber products

    We produce Big-size Molded rubber products
    with maximum size up to 2000х1000х1000mm.

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  • Precision Molded rubber products

    Extruded Reinforced rubber profiles

    Extrusion line produces rubber pipes with
    outside D 6-80mm, ensures a pressure up to
    20bar. Profiles are round and complex section.

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Rubber technical plates

Rubber technical plates is designed for the manufacture of rubber products which are used to seal fixed connections, prevent friction between metal surfaces, take single impact loads and as gaskets, decking and other non-sealing goods.
Technical rubber plates are used at a temperature from - 30° C up to + 80° C.
Technical rubber sheets with a low and high level of hardness are available with several layers of fabric, the quantity of which is determined by customer’s requirements:
- as a Standard product (please, see below table) and

- as a Customized product  (please,  send  your  request  with  Order
  details  (quantity, terms of delivery, special additional requirements –
  as a Color, Material and Drawing of your own part).

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Rubber technical plates
750х660х8mm 780х690х3mm 780х690х5mm 800х700х4mm
800х700х10mm 800х700х20mm 800х700х30mm 800х700х40mm
1000х1000х30mm 1000х1000х40mm 1000х1000х50mm Customized product

You can order your own Rubber technical plate!